Welcome Pharma Training
PharmaTraining is a joint venture between the renowned industry expert, Dr. Laura Brown, and Infonetica Ltd. It combines their expertise and experience in delivering pharma industry training solutions for groups of five or more. You will find up-to-date, expertly-designed and professionally-performed classroom training courses, and seminars for all types of organizations and professionals operating in the sector.

GCP Training Courses

Online and in-house GCP training courses ensuring best compliance with all current laws and regulations for IRB members, investigators, etc.
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Pharmaceutical Technical Skills

Training courses, which provide practical skills and knowledge to industry professionals, while also contributing to regulatory inspection preparation
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  • All-in-one Training Solutions Provider for Your Training Needs
  • Training Courses for All Levels of Pharma Industry Staff
  • Online GCP Training
  • Audit Preparation Courses
  • SOP Training
  • Seminars

Management/Personal Development Skills

Courses ensuring smooth and efficient performance by industry professionals in today’s challenging professional environment
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Course Assessment, etc.

A set of tailored services, which are designed to boost performance through analysis and evaluation
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Support Staff Courses

Training courses aimed at providing support staff with the knowledge and practical skills and ensuring an industry organization’s smooth operation
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Consultancy Services

Services providing industry professionals and establishments with the ability to recognize and effectively manage the quality, training, and development aspects of running a successful organization
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All-in-one Solutions

As all organizations have their unique background, requirements, and aspirations, it is PharmaTraining’s priority to understand the above, so as to design and provide the best training solutions possible. Therefore, PharmaTraining offers a full range of distinctive courses, as well as a blend of in-house and online training, in order to make sure and cover any industry professional’s/organization’s education requirements through seamless services.